Medical Grade computer accessories


Medical grade computer mice

A normal computer mouse will not get completely clean - even if it is waterproof. There are countless places where bacteria can penetrate. Dirt collects quickly between gaps in the scroll wheel of a mouse and deep inside the mouse are places that are inaccessible even to a disinfectant. Our two medical computer mice are fully sealed and fully functional and meet the standards of the medical industry.

The movement and handling will be immediately familiar to you, as the innovative 5-button design allows you to scroll, click and select.

Safe wiping, rinsing or immersion - resistant to clinical disinfectants - high writing comfort - drops of infectious liquids immediately visible.

Mighty Mouse Datasheet

Petite Mouse Datasheet  



Medical grade keyboard Really Cool

The Really Cool stands out particularly due to its optimised key height, which allows easy cleaning and at the same time gives the feeling of a modern laptop keyboard. In addition, the keyboard is completely sealed, seamless and can easily withstand regular cleaning with surface disinfectants such as alcohol-based disinfectants. During the cleaning process the keyboard can be locked with the so-called Tru Lock mechanism to prevent unnecessary entries or commands. You can even go one step further with our Really Cool and fully submerge it for more thorough cleaning and disinfection. The USB cable can remain connected during this process.

Really Cool Datasheet



Medical grade keyboard with integrated touchpad - Really Cool Touch

The hygienic white Really Cool Touch combines a keyboard, a touchpad and a number field in one. It is completely sealed and seamless at a size of only 38 cm x 15 cm.

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Clinical mouse - C Mouse

Hygiene mouse for standard departments . For improved infection control outside the critical areas. The look and feel of a standard mouse. Hygienic IT for everyone.


C Mouse Datasheet

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Clinical keyboard - It's Cool Flat

Keyboard for non-critical areas: disinfectable. Typing feel like the "normal" office keyboard. Removable cover which can even be sterilised. Small size. Also available as wireless model.


It's Cool Flat Datasheet

It's Cool Flat wireless Datasheet