Hello, I am ilvi. Your new colleague.

ilvi. The innovative, digital support for nursing.


ilvi is the universal tool for the integration of measurement data in health care. With ilvi, nursing professionals can record health data (vital data, wound documentation, pain sensation, fluid balance, medication, etc.) directly at the patient's bedside and transfer them to the hospital information system (HIS).

ilvi forms the central interface between patient, nursing staff, doctor and HIS. The values to be recorded can reach ilvi in different ways.

Due to its configurability, ilvi can communicate with your existing medical devices and record their measured values. ilvi adapts completely to your needs.

If you would like additional functions for your area of application, the range of functions of ilvi can be extended. Contact us and together we will find a solution.


Simple acquistion of vital data


ilvi simplifies acquisition of vital parameters, regardless which medical device you use.

Lightning-fast documentation


Don’t worry about where to save your data – ilvi will take care of it.

Individually configurable


ilvi can be configured to satisfy your personal preferences and adopts to your exsting infrastructure.


 Fully automated recording of all health data of the patient in the nursing department.

  • Intuitive operation

  • Automatic vital data acquisition (blood pressure, PF, SpO2, temperature, etc.)

  • Automatic data transfer to the HIS or other applications

  • Expandable with wound photo documentation including measurement, pain sensation, fluids, medication, Steadysense temperature measurement, video, voice recording, chat, emergency button, orders, telephony functions, etc.

Video: how does it work with Ilvi?


The measurement data (vital signs) are transferred directly from the patient monitor or from other measurement devices to the ilvi, validated and forwarded to the HIS.


Or, in the case of steadysense temperature measurement, ilvi measures the temperature at pre-set intervals and sends the measured data to the HIS.

The temperature-sensitive sensor is stuck under the armpit as a temperature measurement patch. The high-tech patch then continuously determines and stores the current temperature values at preset time intervals. On demand, the measured values are read out with ilvi and exported to the HIS.


How does the examination data get into the ilvi and from there into the HIS?

QPC and UCI are the interfaces between third-party software and ilvi. 

Input: NFC, OCR, QR, Bluetooth
Export: EMR, HIS, temperature curve, HL7/PDF, WiFi


A clear thing.

  • Disinfectable
  • Protection class: IP65 protection against water jets (from all directions)
  • Fall protection: up to 1.2 meters (1.5 meters with protective cover)
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • Battery life up to 14 hours
  • Hot-Swap of the battery
  • Charging station in many variants
  • 13 MP Camera
  • Mobile recording of health values

  • EWS (early warning scores)

  • OCR scanner

  • Photo documentation

  • Performance recording e.g. ultrasound examinations

  • Dictation function

  • Maintenance chat

  • Sample collection e.g. blood analysis tubes

  • Drugs

  • Third party apps

  • Communication with medical devices


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