Software-only system for automated realtime data acquisiton, archiving and analyzing physiological data from GE patient monitors and additional devices.


Trended vital signs, post discharge full disclosure, near real time streaming waveforms, and alarm history with waveforms are prime examples of leveraging technology to help clinicians treat more patients.




is an automated Real-Time 24/7 patient data acquisition & distribution system which acquires all patient vital signs, all clinical waveforms and all patient alarms processed by GE patient monitors.

The acquired patient data is maintained in the BedMasterEx database for a timeline determined by the hospital to support clinical case review, research, alarm analytics, legal documentation and the quality control objectives of the clinical department or hospital.

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is the web based software solution to integrate the data medical devices in the BedMasterEx data acquisition system. There is no software at the bedside. A physical server, a virualized server or a MDI cloud: choose the solution that is right for your hospital.

You can use off-the-shelf hardware at the bedside for non-networked devices. The system acquires data directly from monitoring networks and gateways. Using multiple outbound data feeds the system can send data to the EMR and additional systems at independent frequencies. 

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Alarm Navigator

Alarm fatigue happens in healthcare when the volume of beeps and sounds from medical devices are seemingly unending and overwhelming to both clinicians and patients. Excel’s Alarm Navigator™ software platform uniquely captures clinical alarms including corresponding waveforms so hospitals may analyze and differentiate false-positive from actionable alarms. A web-based, customized report tool, Alarm Navigator helps hospitals understand the alarm puzzle for patient safety and compliance with US Joint Commissions National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management.

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Streaming Analytics

Healthcare is challenged by large amounts of data in motion that is diverse, unstructured and growing exponentially. Data constantly streams in through interconnected sensors, monitors and instruments in real time faster than y physician or nurse can keep up. 

All real-time data captured by BedMasterEx and BedComm can be analysed using IBM's Infosphere Streaming Analytics. With Streaming Analytics, we can harness the power of data collected by BedMasterEx and BedComm by putting the knowledge, experience, and innovation of the facility’s investigators and clinicians to work using real-time and retrospective analytics.

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Anandic Medical Systems is the European IT and clinical workflow implementation partner of Excel Medical. We offer leading-edge clinical management software and service solutions to help healthcare providers in the OR, in anesthesia, in the ER and in intensive care manage their processes and documentation needs thus improving patient care while reducing costs.

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Excel Medical is an innovator in medical device data acquisition, storage, and clinical integration for hospital enterprises. The technologies are used by more then 80% of the top medical centers and children’s hospitals in the United States as well as leading healthcare facilities throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.