Centricity™ High Acuity Critical Care Information System for ICU Management


Centricity™ High Acuity Critical Care is an integrated suite, user-friendly ICU management solution that provides proven strategies to help healthcare providers improve quality of care, reduce risk of errors, optimise time and better manage costs in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

This new solution has been developed based on our user community feedback, our strong experience working on ICU IT solution since 1991 and in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary and experienced team. Centricity High Acuity Critical Care delivers relevant clinical information in a way that is most natural and intuitive to clinicians.


Comprehensive set of different tools

Centricity for Critical Care consist of different tools. The Centricity Clinisoft application is the heart of the system with features enabling easy and reliable care standardization, planning and documentation. It provides all the information needed for effective patient assessment and Care and Resource Planning. The system can be designed and modified according to the local needs of the unit. Care procedures can be standardized by easy configuration - in the unit and without any programming.


Centricity Clinisoft significantly reduces the care giver’s workload at the Point of Care in ICU, enabling nurses and physicians to concentrate more on patient care.

Automated and standardized documentation can reduce medical errors. Data is automatically collected from the medical bedside devices such as monitors, ventilators and infusion pumps. Also automated connections to the laboratory, microbiology, pharmacy, patient administration systems and radiology department enabled by deioInterface greatly reduce the time spent on requests and documenting the results.

Manual care documentation can be done at point of care with care station, which ensures timely and on site data collection - data is entered only once and at the point of care. The remote station gives a possibility to access in all patient data and a chance to plan treatment for example in physician’s office. The multibed station enables care documentation and device interfacing from one workstation to multiple beds in intermediate care areas such as high dependency and step down units.

The repository database, Centricity-Warehouse, restores the data of discharged patients. From database the data can quickly be generated to reports and statistics, with the advanced and easy to use reporting tool, Centricity-Analyzer. It covers statistics on Quality Reporting such as on patient population, clinical outcomes and unit throughput, and  Reporting Resources like consumption of drugs, fluids and materials, and cost reports.

Graphical trend representation; user configurable screens
Facilitating prompt care and concentration on core tasks


your direct ICU resources, priorities and patients within all your acute care areas from one easy-to-master console.


your efficiency and effectiveness by allocating hospital resources according to critical patient needs.


the simplification and the completeness of your daily tasks with ease. Access critical relevant patient information, manage checklists and in time documentation of events, improving traceability.


meaningful insights by automatically compiling complex and overwhelming amounts of patient data into organised and actionable information.


the complexities of ICU patients using embedded protocols, guidelines and powerful analytics; measuring the desired clinical, operational and financial outcomes.


safe medication ordering (expert module) to help strengthen patient security by providing an intuitive prescription module including drug order safety checks, up-to-date, direct link to official national drug libraries and much more.

Anandic Medical Systems is the certified local solution provider for Centricity for anesthesia and critical care in Switzerland. Anandic specialists with indepth IT and clincal knowhow implement and maintain Centricity for anesthesia and critical care information management systems.