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Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia


Managing care and documentation throughout the perioperative patient process

Introduction – Centricity High Acuity Solution
Supporting the quality of perioperative care and workflows requires appropriate tools that facilitate care standardisation, efficient and complete documentation of data, and advanced data analysis capabilities. A consistent overview of the care record is essential to support informed decisions and improved quality of patient care.

Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia Overview
Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia is an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS). The user interface has been designed to support easy and efficient documentation in the anesthesia environment.

The solution covers planning and documentation throughout the perioperative patient process - from preoperative assessment, through induction room and operating room to post-anesthesia care. The solution is modular and can be built step-by-step.

The solution provides automated data collection from medical devices and hospital information systems, combining data from multiple sources - including manual data entries - into a consistent and comprehensive care record. All data gathered can be further stored into a repository for case retrieval and data mined through the analytics warehouse.

Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia is an open system. Data can be exchanged between other information systems in the health care organization.

User interface and configurability
Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia has a user interface designed for the anesthesia workflow, to help save on documentation time, yet supporting data completeness.
Protocols including default values and task lists, supported for touch screen use, facilitate efficient documentation. Accurate documentation is further supported by the user interface design. For example, documentation of repeated drug administrations is performed with minimal keystrokes and navigation.


  • For physicians his means the ability to rapidly determine patient status, make informed care decisions and avoid costly mistakes.
  • For nurses his means the ability to simplify clinical practice and improve patient care.
  • And for IT managers this means the ability to ensure clinical acceptance of IT solutions, demonstrate return on IT investment and implement a stable, enterprise-wide acute care system.

Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia - Modules

Assessment and Planning
The Assessment and Planning application is used by anesthetists, preoperative clinic nurses and clerical staff in the preoperative evaluation phase. The comprehensive assessment information, employing tools supporting protocols and default values, collects critical data regarding the patient's condition to assist providers in pre-surgical preparation activities.
Features include:

  • Record patient and case administrative data
  • Prepare surgical schedule/received scheduling data from OR scheduling solution
  • Review previous anesthesia documented data
  • Review medical history
  • Assess current health status
  • Establish anesthesia plan of care
  • Order drugs, fluids and care interventions
  • Plan and view laboratory results and exams
  • View data from external applications

Intraoperative - Induction and Operating Room
The IntraOp application is used by anesthetists and nurse anesthetists in induction and operating rooms. It is possible to create views and patient groups for other personnel groups, such as perfusionists to enable their access to patient data for viewing and documenting data.
Documentation is efficient and comprehensive supporting a standardised care approach with the help of protocols and default values.

PostAnesthesia Care Unit (PACU) / Recovery module
PostAnesthesia application supports the documented care by the anesthesia and nursing providers in the PACU.

PACU care documentation and device data gathering amends the intraoperative record to produce the comprehensive perioperative record. Vital signs, drugs and fluids can be optionally shown as data continuum in the trend displays.

Web (browser based) solutions
Centricity High Acuity offers several functions that are available for access and review outside the client application. The authentication and authorization to these functions is based on that configured for the client application access.
The web solution tools bring focus to clinician awareness to the patient’s perioperative journey, identifying where the patient is in the facility and the milestones achieved in the perioperative workflow.

 Employment example

Centricity® for Anesthesia, powered by the flexibility of the Centricity Acute Care Platform, allows you to build an anaesthesia application to meet your specific needs. The power of Centricity Anesthesia is based on the Centricity Acute Care Platform, an advanced application builder with three layers.


Centricity Anesthesia provides the comprehensive functionality you need and expect from a best-of-breed clinical information system. The Centricity Anesthesia Assessment and Planning Module is used to evaluate patient history and status and to plan the anaesthesia. The Centricity Anesthesia PreAnesthesia Holding Module is a dedicated tool for documentation in the preop holding phase. The Centricity Anesthesia OR Module provides a complete anaesthesia record for induction rooms and the OR. Finally, the Centricity Anesthesia Post-Anesthesia Module provides complete coverage for post anaesthesia care.

Powerful Configurability

Centricity Anesthesia is delivered with country-specific configurations based on clinical input and rigorous usability tests. The Centricity Application Editor allows you to create your own configurations for each module.

Context Sensitive
Information Views

Centricity Anesthesia allows you to develop your own displays based on your clinical responsibilities.