BedMasterEx. Real time clinical data acquistion.


Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Care. Better Research.

The BedMasterEx system is an automated Real-Time 24/7 patient data acquisition & distribution system which acquires all patient vital signs, all clinical waveforms and all patient alarms processed by either Philips or GE patient monitors.

The acquired patient data is maintained in the BedMasterEx database for a timeline determined by the hospital to support clinical case review, research, alarm analytics, legal documentation and the quality control objectives of the clinical department or hospital.

In addition, patient data can be exported / imported in an HL7/XML format to/from EMR systems or other hospital systems specified by the hospital.

The system is scalable to the number of patient monitors from which you want to collect data. The system can be deployed in desktop, tower, blade or virtual server configurations to meet the objectives of the individual researcher, clinical or informatics department.


BedMasterEx is a software solution within a suite of advanced software tools to acquire, store (indefinitely)  and analyse physiologic data - dynamic curves, numerics as well as alarms -  from patients monitored with GE Healthcare Carescape monitors.
BedMasterEx allows export of data in various formats as well as integration in EMR's or PDMS systems.

The BedMasterEx system is a Microsoft Windows dotNet application which is usually implemented in a client / server environment. The system can be configured to function in the technical infrastructure found in most hospital Information system departments. Server hardware is vendor agnostic and can be supplied by your local vendor of choice.

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What is BedMasterEx?

BedMasterEx™ from Excel Medical Electronics (EME) is an advanced yet easy to use medical device waveform and numerics integration solution for online acquisition, archiving and research of physiologic data for GE Healthcare Carescape patient monitors and Philips Intellivue monitors.

BedMasterEx™ acquires and stores waveforms, vital signs and alarms produced by GE Healthcare and Philips Healthcare patient monitoring systems. With BedMasterEx’s high-speed interface connectivity, Excel lets clinicians liberate patient data.

BedMasterEx Server Software is the data acquisition platform acquiring and storing physiological waveforms, vital signs and clinical alarms from patient monitoring systems and medical devices across the hospital enterprise. Data is time-aligned and stored indefinitely or as determined by each care unit or department.

The BedMasterEx client application provides clinicians and researchers with visualization of medical data such as patients’ physiological waveforms, vital sign trending, clinical alarms and a configurable digital shift report data (see example eshift report below). Hospital IT departments can securely deploy the HIPAA compliant BedMasterEx client on standard Windows workstations or within client technologies such as Citrix and App-V for remote access and management. BedMasterEx allows for multi-hospital enterprise configuration and clinical video integration.



BedMasterEx overview

  • Software only solution
  • Interfaces to the patient monitoring network
  • Acquires the following data from the patient monitors
  • Physiological waveforms
  • Vital signs
  • Clinical Alarms
  • Medical device data
  • Indefinite storage of monitoring data
  • Universal access across the hospital enterprise

Vital Signs and Trends

  • Captures vital signs directly from patient monitoring network
  • Long-term archival of all patient monitoring parameters
  • Ability to drill down to 5 second intervals
  • Provides clinicians with a full account of entire patient monitoring record
  • Follows the patient throughout the entire length of stay regardless of department
  • Numerical and graphical trending with near real-time and historical information
  • Essential for determining clinical interventions for appropriate patient care

Archived data, graphs, analysis accesible by the users with any Windows PC workstation

  • Captures all waveforms from the patient monitoring network
  • Live and historical waveform review available
  • Ability for the clinician to view patient’s entire length
  • Unlimited archiving
  • Configurable waveform screens like cardiorespirograms


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  • Post discharge - example