AMiS medical PC cart - Going mobile at the point of care


Nurses and other healthcare professionals spend nearly 90% of their time on the move as they providecare to patients, walking from nursing stations, to wards, to patient rooms. Currently most hospitals are struggling with shift carts, strapping desktop computers or laptops on board and rolling them from place to place. These carts, however, with wires tie-wrapped or wound about legs, often have issues with cleaning, power and working space. They just aren’t designed for the optimal healthcare environment.Enhancing the patient care process and easing the demanding jobs of clinicians requires technologies that are accurate, reliable, highly mobile and cost-effective. Mobile Point-of-Care systems are designed to move with busy healthcare professionals. They use wireless infrastructure, mobile devices and specialized applications to meet the needs of caregivers.


AMiS: Highly integrated computerized  medical carts to optimize the patient care process and enable mobile point-of-care

We have designed a solution that is sure to become a nurse’s new best friend. It is so friendly in fact that these new digital healthcare computerized nursing carts have been dubbed: AMiS features a seamless design which is completely integrated into the station. There are no external cables, but there are a variety of recessed I/O connectors. This design offers maximum flexibility for healthcare personnel, and ease of use and cleaning for the hospital environment.


LiFePO4 Battery Technology Long-lasting Battery

AMiS products feature built-in long-lasting power supplies which utilize up-to-date LiFePO 4 battery technology (Lithium-Iron Phosphate; LFP). Thist echnology is a high performance, cost effective solution to upgrading power on mobile computer carts in healthcare environments. It is also manageable with high quality AMiS_Link software.

Easy Battery Replacement

Battery replacement has never been as easy as with AMiS. With only a few simple steps (only 7 screws on the cart) the job is done! It’s simple, easy, and fast!

AMiS is built with cost-effectiveness in mind. An intelligent upgrade path, flexibility and ability to be customized all make it an attractive long-term solution for hospitals and clinics. AMiS’ use of a DIN rail for accessory integration prevents damage to the frame. The work surface height adjusts all the way from seated to standing operation. The onboard PC is easily upgradeable, and features multiple I/O connections (USB 2.0 ports x 4, Gigabit Ethernet port x 1) to allow integration with barcode readers, HD cameras, and card readers.

Application development for patient monitoring applications, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS), and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are no problem with AMiS.

Computer Embedded

AMiS is a computerized medical cart built with a mini-ITX motherboard inside; this distinguishes AMiS from other carts which are stacked with desktop computers orbn laptops on board. This integration feature allows customers to flexibly and easily upgrade computing performance and minimize the total cost of ownership. Built-in multiple I/O ports for easy integration with equipment and software. Design of DIN rail for accessory integration prevents damage to the frame.