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From Zurich International Airport it takes approx. 50 minutes by car. Take the direction Winterthur (A1), direction Schaffhausen (A4), Exit Flurlingen, Feuerthalen.

Swiss quality provider

Continuous growth, enlargement of the product portfolio and services, staff expansion, increased need for stocking facilities and optimisation of the technical and training infrastructure. It's all available at our head quarters at the Stadtweg 24, in Feuerthalen (canton of Zurich) . Visit us for meetings, trainings, demonstrations, deliveries or just for a «cuppa» of coffee. Anandic is focussed on the high acuity care i.e peroperative care, critcial care, perinatal care and cardiology and offers also a high level range of Healthcare IT solutions.

About the history

The municipality of Feuerthalen, southeast of Schaffhausen, located on the Rhine consists of the two villages of Feuerthalen and Langwiesen. The northernmost municipality of the canton of Zurich is situated on two terraces between the Rhine and the Cholfirst Forest. Together with Flurlingen, Laufen-Uhwiesen and Dachsen, it forms the so-called Ausseramt in the district of Andelfingen.

The name Feuerthalen appears in a document for the first time 1318 as Furtal on the rine. He points to the ford, through which the Rhine could be thrown to Schaffhausen in the Middle Ages. In 1528, Feuerthalen acquired the market law. In 1799, the French, on their retreat before the Austrians, set up the unique wooden bridge, erected by Johann Ulrich Grubenmann from 1754 to 1756. More than 20 houses were shot. The ensuing siege lasted for 14 months. Even today cannon balls at three buildings are reminiscent of those horrors. After decades of disputes, the federal court ruled in 1897 that the southern bank of the Rhine is the final boundary between the canton of Zurich and the city of Schaffhausen. Thus, the municipality of Feuerthalen today only has a normal frontier line in the middle of the stream on a 500-meter-long border from Langwiesen to the German enclave of Büsingen.