Cardiolab - electrophysiologic recording


CardioICE Synchronized Ultrasound provides continuous real-time visualization of structures and instruments, synchronized with electrogram wavefoms. It combines the recording algorithms and workflow applications of GE’s innovative Mac-Lab Hemodynamic Recording System or CardioLab Electrophysiology Recording System, with GE’s compact, powerful Vivid™ i Ultrasound System.

By bringing ultrasound images, electrocardiogram waveforms, and hemodynamic or electrophysiology data together in your EP or cath lab during the case, CardioICE gives you full control and access to comprehensive information.

You can perform day-to-day cath and EP studies or the most advanced and complex image-guided procedures efficiently and effectively – with the full confidence that you’re seeing
the whole picture.


The high-performance CLabII Plus amplifier delivers a cleaner, superior signal for exceptional intracardiac and ECG recording quality. Whatever your EP lab's needs and budget, CardioLab EP Systems offer the most extensive set of EP lab diagnostic tools available in a single solution today. 

  • CardioLab/Maclab combines with GE’s compact, powerful Vivid™ i Ultrasound System.

System Features and Options

  • GE Innova® X-ray Bi-directional Interface
  • Innova Central tableside touch screen interface
  • Mainstream/Sidestream End-Tidal CO2
  • Dual or triple monitor system configuration
  • CardioImage Fluoroscopy Image Management System
  • Enhanced mapping tools, including pace mapping, activation and interval alignment
  • CARTO® XP System Bi-directional Interface
  • Connectivity to Ablation generator(s)
  • Integrated Vitals with Audible Indicators


Empowering critical thinking. Helping you focus. The GE Healthcare suite of electrophysiology (EP) products is designed to empower critical thinking with solutions that help you focus on the patient, not the process. Our integrated technologies are designed to address your EP needs and to help reduce the distractions of a hospital environment.

The CardioLab System's innovative, new features and integration of Microsoft® Windows® XP redefines power, stability and long-term value. The CLabII Plus amplifier features: 12 ECG leads Four stim inputs four invasive pressure signals.

The CLabII Plus amplifier can be configured with up to:

  • 128 total recording channels
  • 112 intracardiac channels
  • 224 catheter inputs

Diagnosis and treatment of the most complex cardiac conditions require intuitive, accurate, and reliable equipment. Starting with our CardioLab* Recording Systems and Innova* X-ray Systems, the GE Healthcare suite of EP technologies empowers EP physicians with capabilities that enhance your ability to perform the most complex procedures with confidence.