Navigator Applications Suite

The more clearly you can see, the more confidently you can decide.


Navigator™ Applications Suite is a smart technology that analyses drug therapy information to model and predict the effect of supported anesthesia-related drugs and drug interactions. It helps you determine effective treatment plans for each patient and adjust them as needed by giving you quick access to a continuous flow of centralized, relevant information. Navigator Applications Suite also centralizes your hospital's own care protocols along with diagnostic device information – all in one place for easy, immediate access and reference.

  • Capturing inhaled drug data to display modelled pharmacokinetics
  • Displaying comprehensive trend information on administered drugs

Navigator Therapy can bring better balance to anesthesia management by collecting data from IV pumps, patient monitors and the anesthesia delivery system, and applying predictive pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling to that data. Navigator Therapy helps you visualize the modelled effects of anesthesia drugs and their interactions by:

  • Visualizing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models of selected sedation, analgesic and relaxation drugs
  • Displaying the modelled synergistic effect of propofol with four opioids (remifentanil, alfentanil, fentanyl and sufentanil)
  • Projecting the future modelled effect site concentrations based on pharmacokinetic models, and the future synergistic effect based on pharmacodynamic models
  • Connecting to a selection of infusion pumps, which helps to minimize manual data entry

Navigator Protocol puts your hospital's own care protocols close at hand, helping you standardize procedures right at the point of need and make more confident decisions at critical times. All protocols are easily searchable and accessible for clear guidance when you need it. The result is robust procedural safety and quality through timely access to approved protocols.

  • Configurable to give you immediate access to the standard operating procedures of your hospital at the point of care
  • Configurable to include emergency treatment protocols, such as resuscitation algorithms or any other clinically relevant information such as drug formularies
  • Enables you to find information within protocols using index search functions Configurable to display measured haemodynamic and ventilation parameters along with protocols
  • Able to organize protocols according to need, such as organ-specific or task-specific groups

Anesthesia delivery devices have evolved into highly complex systems. If there's a technical problem, time is of the essence. Navigator Device helps you identify and troubleshoot anesthesia machine problems quickly and directly, to help reduce system downtime. It provides easy, immediate online device troubleshooting of top-of-the-line GE anesthesia delivery systems. And it displays clear diagnostic information and the steps you should take for fast, corrective action.

  • Get the big picture with easy, one-click access to GE anesthesia device technical alarms and their history
  • Clear and specific guidance with visual step-by-step instructions on how to resolve a technical alarm with the anesthesia delivery system Instructions quickly available at the point of care