Et Control for the Aisys Carestation

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The anesthetist’s job is both art and science — a fluid blend of expertise and hard data, all aimed at tailoring the optimal anesthesia plan for each patient. Anesthetists spend valuable time checking and re-checking EtO2 and EtAA values, adjusting O2 and agent settings, re-adjusting for changes in uptake and metabolic rate, to ensure safe and effective anesthesia. All this in parallel with a multitude of other time-consuming and complex tasks. There is no question that digital technology can help eliminate many of the time-consuming manual processes involved in agent and gas delivery as well as patient monitoring.

The question is ‘how’?

How can EtO2 and EtAA levels be monitored and regulated safely, reliably, and cost-effectively by digital technology? How can anesthetists reduce tedious and redundant tasks, without relinquishing control and without jeopardizing the quality of patient care?

Et Control: Tailored Anesthesia through Simplified Automation

Et Control is an optional gas delivery mode for the fully digital Aisys Carestation from GE Healthcare. With Et Control the clinician sets the target EtO2 and EtAA values, the system constantly monitors the patient’s EtO2 and EtAA values and automatically adjusts the gas delivery and total flow to achieve and maintain the set target values. Intelligent inbuilt safeguards protect against over-delivery and under-delivery of agent and hypoxia – while providing the clinician with peace of mind and total control at all times. This innovative approach provides tangible benefits to the anesthetist, including: