Paramagnetic Oxygen measurement


Extremely solid and extremly fast: the paramagnetic oxygen measurement technology has been installed tenc thousand of times worldwide in our patientmonitors for it's optimal clinical performance.

Due to the high linearity only one calibrationgas is needed.


The measurement principle relies on the profiled paramagnetic characteristics of the oxygen molecules. Oxygen is attracted into a strong magnetic field. Most other gases are not. The gassample together with the referencegas is exposed to a relative strong magnetic field.

The magnetic field is switched off and on in a high frequency.  This causes, in the same frequency, pressure differences. AS high sensitive presure transducer measures these impulses. The impuls is gained up till the different oxygen partial pressure of the gassamples can be detected as an electrical signal. Side effects on the inspiratory pressures will be zeroed throughb opur own developped pneumatical filter system.


The main advantages of the paramagnetic oxygen sensor of Dastex-GE healthcare are:

  • Fast response time ( approx. 150 ms)
  • Use in standard gas analysers for patient monitoring
  • Use for indirect calorimetrie during patient monitoring
  • Only one calibrationgas is needed
  • No maintenance