Alarm Navigator


Alarmmanagement versus Alarm-Fatigue

Alarm-Fatigue oder Alarm-Erschöpfung beschreibt das Phänomen, dass das Personal durch die Häufigkeit und Lautstärke der Signaltöne und (Fehl-)Alarme dauerhaft belastet ist.

Die Alarm Navigator™ Software-Plattform analysiert klinische und technische Alarme einschliesslich der entsprechenden Kurven und unterscheidet zwischen falschen und tatsächlichen Alarmen. Das webbasierte, kundenspezifische Reporting-Werkzeug hilft, die Ursachen zu verstehen.

Fehlalarme erzeugen nicht nur Stress bei Personal, Patienten und Besuchern, sondern kosten auch viel wertvolle Zeit und können dazu führen, dass bei tatsächlichen Alarmen nicht adäquat reagiert wird.


Erlanger Healthcare Hospital quote:

"Alarm Navigator - an addon to Excel's BedMasterEx acquistions platform - offers tremendous power as we work to improve patient safety by reducing the audible and visual alarm burden on our clinical staff for events that do not require linical intervention," said Spears McAllester, Erlanger director of Clinical Engineering. "It ill also play a key role in our efforts during 2015 to comply with the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management."

With an understanding of the total number of alarms, the different kinds of alarms, how long each alarm lasts, and in which specific care unit alarms occur, Erlanger can customize larm activation settings and identify potential changes to patient management processes that will enhance patient care and safety, said officials. These customized settings and rocess changes also will help Erlanger to comply with the objectives of the Alarm Safety ational Patient Safety Goal established by The Joint Commission.

“As a unique web-based application, Alarm Navigator is fully scalable, allowing hospitals to dentify and quantify alarm conditions and to generate meaningful reports that enable vidence-based decision making when approaching the clinical alarm challenge,” said John Hoffman, president of Excel Medical. “The hospital can harvest already available alarm data from atient monitoring systems by utilizing a software-only solution that leverages the existing hospital IT infrastructure."

“We are excited to integrate the Alarm Navigator program into the Erlanger Health System,” said Kevin M. Spiegel, FACHE, Erlanger president and CEO. “The safety of our patients is our top priority, and I am confident this new program will enhance the safety aspect of care for all of our patients.