The NEO2 Blender


was designed specifically with the NICU in mind. It comes with two flow meters close mounted to the body of the blender and takes up far less wall space than when flow meters are attached to a standard Low Flow blender. It comes in 3 different versions depending on what kind of flow usage is required. The left side flow meter of all models has a 0-15 lpm flow meter (most often used for a resuscitation bag), while the left can be configured with a 0-1 lpm, 0-3 1/2 lpm or a 0-15 lpm. The other unique and cost saving feature is: When the flow meter on the right side is not in use, the 3 lpm bleed flow can be disabled by rotating the flow meter forward.


Oxygen Concentraton                    Range 21-100%
Number of ports                             2 or 3
Left Flowmeter Range                    3-15 lpm (1-15 if bleed is on)
Right Flowmeter Range                  0-1.0, 0-3.5, 1-15 (with 3 lpm bleed on-flowmeter in upright position)
Accuracy                                           +/- 3% full scale
Bleed Flow 3 lpm                             (when active)