Cardiosoft - PC based Exercise ECG System


GE Healthcare combines industry leading Marquette® algorithms with the versatility and simplicity of software to bring you CardioSoft®, a cost-effective solution for your diagnostic needs. 

The Cardiosoft cardiac testing and data management system transforms your PC into a sophisticated cardiac data acquisition and analysis system. CS helps you streamline your workflow by efficiently storing all patient data and test results electronically on your office PC or in your electronic medical record (EMR) system. Completely scalable, CS enables you to acquire stress testing, ambulatory blood pressure, and spirometry data as well as resting ECG waveforms and measurements. Giving you the tools you need for fast, accurate analysis and the access to the information you need to care for patients efficiently.


The CardioSoft™ Resting ECG and Exercise Stress Testing applications transform your PC into a cardiac testing station. For both applications, the Cardiac Acquisition Module (CAM) is easily connected from the patient to your PC’s standard USB port. This device provides highquality ECG presentation for accurate cardiac assessments of your patients. 


Resting ECG

CardioSoft provides physicians with the most reliable information available to support cardiac diagnostic decisions. It features GE’s Marquette® 12SL™ ECG analysis program, the industry’s most thoroughly documented, computer-interpreted 12-lead ECG program. Our 15-lead ECG analysis facilitates prompt detection of right ventricular and posterior myocardial infarction. CardioSoft Resting ECG provides on-screen ECG measurements for paperless workflow, yet allows you to print multiple report formats when a hard copy is required. These flexible report formats enable you to choose the reports you find most useful. It provides multiple interpretive statements to facilitate your final diagnostic decision. 

Exercise Stress

Consistent with the data provided from CardioSoft’s Resting ECG application, the Exercise Stress Testing application uses the same high-quality Marquette 12SL and 15-lead ECG analysis programs the industry has come to rely on. Furthermore, Cubic Spline and Finite Residual Filter (FRF) provide ECG baseline correction and artifact resolution without sacrificing critical ST measurements. Automatic Arrhythmia Detection assists in documenting arrhythmias that occur during stress. Data can be exported in Word, PDF or XML formats, and is able to be stored either in CardioSoft’s database or archived to a CD or the MUSE Cardiology Information System, the leading electrocardiograph information system.