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GE Healthcare

Aespire View anesthesia carestation

A cost effective solution for hospital operating rooms and standalone surgery centers, the Aespire View demonstrates how GE’s advanced technology leadership is helping drive the future of perioperative care.


Clarity of view

Large 12-inch color ventilator display with color waveform and alarm message indicators along with familiar user interface helps you precisely assess and quickly respond to changes in your patient’s status.


Total Fresh Gas

Total fresh gas or total flow sensing (TFS) module (optional) electronically measures, displays, and exports both individual gas flow and total fresh gas flow delivered by the flow tubes. The additional precision afforded by the electronic measurement helps in managing costs.


Up and running at a moment’s notice

The Aespire View fast and easy power up helps you waste less time waiting for your equipment.

Up and running at a moment’s notice

 The Aespire View fast and easy power up helps you waste less time waiting for your equipment.

More ventilation choices means more tailored care

 With five ventilation packages, including GE’s innovative Pressure Controlled Ventilation-Volume Guaranteed (PCV-VG) technology, the Aespire View lets you tailor ventilation for each patient.

Ventilation modes are available à la Carte, so you can tailor the clinical capabilities of your anesthesia delivery system with the options you need.

Five à la Carte ventilation packages:

• Volume Control

• Pressure Control

• Pressure Controlled Ventilation –

Volume Guaranteed (PCV-VG)

For the spontaneous breathing patient:

• PSVPro

• SIMV with PSV & SIMV with PC

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