Ever thought of buying a world class ECG recorder from GE Marquette? This special offer for our Mac 400 makes top technology available for only CHF. 1'999.- incl. Interpretation program and VAT.


including Interpretation/analysis as second opinion

Your mobile partner for quality ECG recording.

Mac 400 from GE Marquette.


  • Immediately ready to use
  • Ultraportable with extended battery time
  • One button operation
  • 12 SL Lead analysis
  • Arrythmia and monitoring

Your Mac 400 is immediately ready for use. Just unpack and start recording ECG's. The Mac 400 is delivered incl. all accessories for immediate recording. No missing parts. No options to buy. Just select your Mac 400 with our without Interpretation program.

Ultra Portable ECG device (with battery) of 1300 Gms, for easy transport.. Long-lasting Battery using Li-Ion platform, lasts for 100 ECGs in auto mode and recharges in less than 3 hours.

The MAC® 400 is GE Healthcare‘s new compact electrocardiograph, specially designed to meet physicians‘ needs. It is reliable, accurate and benefits from GE‘s leadership in ECG technology including its well-known Marquette 12SL, which can be found in the premium ECG MAC products.


Reliable Decision Support Software Package Options such as Marquette 12SL Measurement

& Marquette 12SL Interpretation meet specific customer needs.